4-Day retreat — 2 San Pedro (1 day/1 night) & 1 Bufo Alvarius ceremonies, 1 Kambo cleanse, preparation, integration & shamanic processes

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Details, Dates & Pricing

A retreat focused on San Pedro and it’s remarkable gifts. Kambo medicine and Temazcal will help you cleanse and detox, and we will conclude with a taste of cosmic heaven with the Bufo Alvarius Master medicine.

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San Pedro Circles - 23-26 Jan$500.00


San Pedro Circles - 20-23 Feb$500.00


San Pedro Circles - 19-22 Mar$500.00


San Pedro Circles - 9-12 Apr$500.00


San Pedro Circles - 7-10 May$500.00


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All inclusive

$ 1650 USD

2 x San Pedro ceremonies (1 Day/1 Night)
1 x Kambo Cleanse – Brazilian frog
1 x Temazcal – Mexican Sweat lodge
x Bufo Alvarius – Mexican Toad
Rapéh – Shamanic snuff

  • Shared Accomodation
  • All vegetarian meals
  • All beverages (no alcohol)
  • Unlimited purified water
  • Airport shuttles to and from.*
  • Tools for integration
  • Energy medicine work
  • Ancestral lineage
  • Animal totems
  • Sacred space
  • Energetic intuition
  • Drum Journey
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Earth mandala

*One group transport is offered in mini-bus for arrivals & departures. Make sure your flight lands PRIOR to 2PM on the first day, allowing time for customs processing. If you are unable to meet the shuttle we will arrange transportation for you to our venue at an approximate cost of $30-40USD.
**We limit our retreats to 15 participants maximum to guarantee each participant is cared for.
***Any retreat above 10 participants offers a team of assisting staff.
****Retreats are confirmed with a minimum of 6 registrations.

The San Pedro Master Teacher

This sacred cactus holds a very special place in my heart. It has taught me possibly more than any other entheogen.
It is the most particularly lucid of all the teachers I’ve ​​worked with. It seems to provide it’s lessons in a very clear way…

Huachuma — also known as the San Pedro cactus — is a brew made from a variety of cacti mostly found in the Peruvian and Andeans highlands. A thick layer of the skin is exclusively used in the preparation.

This drink has been used for healing, spiritual and religious purposes by ancient cultures in the northern part of South America for over 5700 years and is still used in sacred drinking ceremonies by many spiritual communities in this part of the world.

Though San Pedro was traditionally used for spiritual purposes by specific tribes, it has become popular worldwide among those who seek a way to open their minds, heal from past traumas, experience a deep connection to the divine or nature, or simply experience a San Pedro journey.

It’s highly recommended that San Pedro only be taken when supervised by an experienced facilitator or shaman, as those who take it need to be looked after. A San Pedro experience leads to an altered state of consciousness that lasts for many hours.

Before partaking in a San Pedro ceremony, it’s often suggested that participants follow a regimen diet of light, mostly vegetarian meals, at least one-week prior to the experience and abstain from drugs, alcohol and sex. This is recommended in order to cleanse the body of toxins and maximise the effects of the experience.

San Pedro ceremonies are commonly held during the day although night ceremonies are also offered. They seem to each offer a different quality to the work with the plant. After the space is prepared and sacralised San Pedro is offered to participants, sometimes split into several doses.

After ingesting San Pedro, most people will start to feel its effects within 1-2 hours, sometimes a lot faster. The journey can last up to 8 or 10 hours

Those who take San Pedro can experience transient symptoms like nausea, vomiting & diarrhoea (all part of the cleansing effect), deep or intense feelings and strong visions.

People react to San Pedro differently. Some experience euphoria and a feeling of enlightenment, while others go through an increase of anxiety and panic. It’s not uncommon for those taking San Pedro to experience both positive and negative effects from the brew.

The shamans or facilitators present at all times offer help and guidance and monitor participants for safety.

These ceremonies are sometimes conducted consecutively, with participants consuming San Pedro a few consecutive alternative days or mixed with a night ceremony. Every time you take San Pedro, it results in a different experience.


The navigation of the Huachuma space is a lot cleaner and peaceful, more linear. It is strong, grounded and powerful. Our connection with Spirit grows stronger and stronger until we are fully connected to these realms but journeying with Huachuma creates a very stable, rooted, connected and safe space.

On low to medium doses the cactus amplifies our connection to spirit to the degree where everything becomes information. There is no more question/answer duality. The formulation of a question in your mind immediately dissolves in a direct answer of remarkable beauty and depth. Everything becomes absolute information. We can tune in, meditate and receive all the guidance we need, whether it be about our own healing or where to go in life.

On a stronger dose the volume of the Spirit increases to the extent that the connection overlays the more common perception of physical reality as we know it. That’s when things become transcendent and dreamy. Up until that point Huachuma offers an extremely lucid and tangible experience compared to the more shifty and non-ordinary qualities of other entheogens.

This cactus is also inherently medicinal. When I wander in the learning field of the cactus, it brings about very direct changes in my body and my tuning to spirit.

Whereas Ayahuasca shows you the realm of different otherworldly realities, Huachuma helps you deepen your connection to this world.

Appreciation, gratitude and earth-bound love flows naturally.

For all the above reasons, Huachuma is a great starter for those entering the domain of the teaching plants. For those with long-standing experience wishing to establish a direct connection to the expression of Spirit in our physical realm there is no match, in my very humble opinion.

To be approached, as usual, with humility, clear intention, deep respect and …harmony.

San Pedro unlikely many of the plant teachers require a free-will act of surrender, to engage deeply with it. Whilst you are usually completely capable of operating body and mental functions, you may opt for long periods of stillness.

Nausea is an expected but not systematic effect and it doesn’t usually last for very long. After the nausea wanes, San Pedro enters and moves through your consciousness. You enter a lucid but dream-like state.

Once the opening of your physical body to non-ordinary states of awareness happens, you will be introduced to a whole new dimension. Visions, feelings, a symbolic language and direct knowings are very familiar to the San Pedro language. You may also be introduced to your spiritual or animal-totem guides, and they will help you connect to the endless inner depths of direct knowing. The brain or mental activity is bypassed, or dulled to the benefit of another way of knowing. These are the hallmarks of the San Pedro journey.

Some have reported feeling extreme sadness, aversion throughout entire journeys, while others may experience nothing but bliss and joy. It depends on your psychological state, the intention you brought to the journey and the parts of you that need healing. The more opened or attuned you are to your experience as a whole, the more positive your experience will be.

As the non-ordinary awareness grows, you feel like your soul is voyaging beyond your body. As worldly objects glow with ethereal colour, you perceive a significant underlying energy to all things, and the world and yourself in it seem to click together in one huge, expansive understanding.

The above is typical of an experience with San Pedro. While San Pedro has been used by indigenous cultures of South America for thousands of years — making it the oldest recorded entheogenic medicine — it hasn’t enjoyed the popularity of the more famed master plant like Ayahuasca or psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. However, those who have experienced this powerful plant agree that it is a strong and kind medicine for whatever ails you.

When the effect wears off, your ordinary physical senses start to come back to you. And you can rest knowing that you have connected your mind with the spirits. Modern integration processes are usually offered to various degrees with the most elaborate ones being bridged by western-trained shaman or facilitators. These integration processes are usually offered the day after a ceremony.

Many people who have taken San Pedro claim that the experience led to positive, long-term, life-altering changes. Recent research has shown that San Pedro may benefit health — particularly brain, gut, immune and neurologic health — in a number of ways.

The main psycho active ingredients in San Pedro — Mescaline and other sympathomimetics compounds mimicking the effects of adrenaline and noradrenaline — have been shown to exhibit neuro-protective and neuro-restorative qualities in some studies. San Pedro is also highly alkaline and as such offers the benefits of boosting immunity, neutralising the acidity in your body caused by poor diet, stress or environmental toxins.

Various patients have claimed that this physical healing can include relief from such disparate conditions as diabetes, hepatitis, cancer, paralysis, joint problems, fever, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, and burning in the kidneys and bladder. San Pedro is also said to be an antimicrobial agent that can inhibit at least 18 different kinds of penicillin-resistant bacteria.

If you want to know more about San Pedro …

The Retreat: Day-by-Day

The energy of every retreat is unique and changes are made in accordance with how the energy is moving.
The retreat offers a series of ceremonies spread over four (4) days, the final day is for departures.
Any questions, please contact us!  in English, French or Spanish

3pm: Arrivals
4pm: Opening Ceremony & Preparation
6pm: Opening Dinner

6am: Kambo Cleanse
8am: Teas
9am-4pm: San Pedro Day Ceremony
6pm: Dinner

8am: Breakfast
9am: Integration
12pm: Light lunch 
3-7pm: Rest
8pm-4am: San Pedro night Ceremony

8am: Breakfast
9–11am: Temazcal
11:30-3pm: Bufo Alvarius 
3–4pm: Shared meal
4-5pm: Integration
6pm: Departures

What They Say

A total experience

Partly through this retreat, I realized I had a lot more issues to work on/personal growth to do than I thought before coming. Skillfully, Frederic helped me uncover certain things and make tangible progress in such a humble and gentle way. He TRULY cares about us “hitchhikers” (sorry – inside joke) who he serves. He’s also incredibly knowledgeable about all things related to shamanism/plant medicine from decades of study. I really appreciated him taking the time to have deep conversations about these topics during meals and other “downtime”. Huachuma is an incredible teacher and I highly recommend anyone interested in personal growth and reconnecting with nature give it a try.

The retreat venue in the Mexican jungle was absolutely beautiful – my only complaint being the somewhat constant noise of airplanes landing at the nearby Cancun airport. To be fair, this didn’t really bother me while on the medicine – moreso during the integration sessions. The music was wonderful, I only wish it was featured more prominently and played longer. I would have appreciated the chance to sleep in longer the morning before the all-night session, as I was fighting sleep that night which was difficult (sadly, I’m terrible at napping).

Overall though, this was an amazing experience that I felt privileged to take part in and I highly recommend it to basically anyone!

Tyler K

An absolute paradigm shifting experience

Since this was my first experience with plant medicine of any sort, and since I possessed only a vague spiritual understanding leading up to it, I wasn’t sure what to expect on this retreat – I simply came with an open heart and an open mind; I’m incredibly happy I did. Frederic is immensely intuitive and clearly skilled at what he does. The food was exceptional, thoughtfully prepared by a talented onsite vegetarian chef, and the accommodations were more than adequate, with a sparkling pool and grassy area. I believe this is a new venue, so there can always be a tweak or two to improve the experience (blankets were missing), but that is so minor it didn’t even matter to me. I needed more leg room to sleep as well, but of course that is not the norm for most since I am an outlier (6’8″). I loved the isolated jungle setting. Most of all, I am still absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the Bufo ceremony, and have been thinking about it non-stop for the last day and a half. The Bufo experience, without question, was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Thank you

Matt Umbarger

Journeying with Frederic and the medicine!

Deep diving into the Forrest of Mexico with Frederic over the last 3 days was life changing to say the least. Dabbling very lightly in the world of plant medicine (one medicine) before this weekend- I was open, nervous and blessed to see what was going to be on the other side. Each day was a different experience, and each medicine brought up, in and out something completely different. With each day- I felt incredibly safe and held by Frederic’s guidance. A true gift he was- and on the final day experiencing such a breakthrough that I will now take with me for the rest of my life. I know this was possible with the facilitation for Frederic- trusting in his ability to take me there, and really see me for all that I was. It was such an incredible 3 days, and couldn’t suggest this experience enough!🙏🏼

Talia Di Giulio

A transformational weekend

The retreat was one of the most miraculous experiences of my life – it wouldn’t have been possible without Frederic’s compassion, attentiveness, and mastery of his craft. Working with these medicines requires a great deal of trust in a facilitator, and he went above and beyond to make us feel safe as he took us above and beyond! The food was also a highlight – it’s actually making me consider going vegan. My only point of critical feedback would be on the venue. It was a great location in terms of privacy and access to nature, but the beds weren’t as comfortable as I would have hoped, and there was trash on the ground in a few places outside. Those were minor issues though and I’d still highly recommend the retreat.

Charlie Woodlief

A True Gift

The retreat led by Frederic was nothing short of life changing. I have attended a handful of retreats before and this was by far my favorite. Freddy’s ability to navigate and facilitate the different medicines is a true gift. We felt incredibly safe, incredibly held, and beautifully guided. When working with these medicines the most important aspect is to get correct is your set and setting and you absolutely can not go wrong when working with Frederic. 10/10 would recommend and will absolutely be working with again in the future. If you are reading this review, it’s not by accident. Your future self will thank you.

Joshua Sparks

Life Changing Experience

This was truly the best experience of my life! The medicines allowed me to let go of 30+ years of stress, anxiety, and fear in an incredibly short amount of time. And Frédéric did an amazing job explaining everything and making everyone feel comfortable and safe in all situations. He is an amazing soul committed to healing that I would recommend to anyone!

Kelley F

Highly recommended, exceeding my expectations

Everything about this retreat was perfect: the location, the meals, the medicine, and importantly, the practitioner, Frédéric Cherri. He really is the best at what he does, an expert in plant medicine and honoring the sacred traditions. During the ceremony, he’s attentive to the needs of the participants, even anticipating what a person needs from moment to moment. At integration sessions, he’s closely listening and helping people process their experiences and observations. During meals, he’s conversational and approachable, making you feel comfortable, like you’ve known each other forever.

I can’t say enough good things. I hope to return soon.

Wayne H

Une expérience inoubliable

Je reviens petit à petit sur cette terre car l’expérience a tellement été intense et pleine de révélations, que l’atterrissage doit se faire en douceur😉 !

MILLE Mercis à Fred Cherry pour sa bienveillance, son encadrement, ses partages et son accompagnement en or 👍🏵🙏🌈 !
Le lâcher prise a été beaucoup plus facile pour moi dans ces conditions 😁 !
L’encadrement est juste parfait et les explications sur chaque expérience que nous allions vivre sont très rassurantes et bien expliquées.

Fred a su être là toujours au bon moment ! Les musiques qui nous ont accompagné pendant nos voyages sont juste extraordinaires 🙏 !

Le cadre choisit, la nourriture végétarienne, les participants, tout était parfait 🙏🙏🙏 !

Je recommande vivement ce programme avec Fred, car pour ma part cette expérience restera à jamais gravé dans ma memoire 🌈🏵 !

MERCI encore Fred 🙏


Sylvie Pailloux

restructuration de mon être

Amour, partage, bonté, honnêteté, gentillesse, bienveillance, guidance, magie et secret. la retraite a été pour moi quelque chose de merveilleux, ça vas apporter équilibre, courage et force dans ma vie je l’espère .
La médecine sacré ma guérie j’imagine, je me sens merveilleusement bien, ont planifie enfin les choses , le mariage se projette a l’horizon, le bébé est en projet, il manquais structure et équilibre dans ma vie, j’espère avoir craché tout mon venin, je ne souhaite plus en avoir, j’aimerais faire profiter de cette magie au futur parrain de notre enfant, et peut être une marraine en perspective, que du bonheur, merci la vie et merci a vous tous présent a cette retraite, d’avoir partager joie et peine , nos souffrances font de nous ce que nous sommes, l’acceptation et le pardon sont essentiel, la mesure aussi je l’ai appris, la force est dans l’équilibre je le sens.

CHERVIER Aurélien (william chevignon)

J’ai trouvé qui je suis

Cette retraite était magnifique.
Nous étions un groupe de copains, cette expérience a soudé notre amitié pour toujours…
Notre facilitateur, Frédéric, avec son charisme, sa bienveillance et son altruisme, m’a fasciné.
Cette médecine et ce set and sitting parfait m’ont lavé de mes addictions, de mes traumatismes d’enfance, j’en suis sorti meilleur et plus fort.
Le lieu, la nourriture, la musique, tout était au top, la magie a vraiment opéré…
Cette connexion manquait à ma vie, je referai cette expérience c’est sûr !
Merci du fond du cœur…

Monnot Julien

Once in a lifetime.

As i go through my time on this planet, i realize that there is something more, deeper inside of myself. I continue to search for awareness.

During ceremony with SpiritRivers I not only found openness to my awareness but a deeper belonging to the spirit of the universe. Frederic’s ability to hold space and conduct himself in a professional and caring manner is inspiring.

Frederic has the ability to not only nurture the spirit of the medicine but also verbalize and challenge need to go deeper inside myself to find the actual truth.

Not only would I highly recommend spirit rivers for excellent ceremonial medicine retreats but I would also recommend meeting Frederic and just becoming friends.

David Calvert

Life Changing Life Affirming

it was my first experience with plant medicines and Frederic assured me that SanPedro would be the right plant to start me on my path. He was absolutely correct i got out of it exactly what i needed to clarify my vision and clear my road ahead. The jungle setting is perfect and the accommodations quite comfortable , support staff was great and the Vegan food was always on point. I would highly recommended to anyone that may be hesitant to let Frederic guide you through the process and start you on your journey. I am definitely coming back again and SOON!

Michael G

A Magical and Profoundly Healing Experience

Frederic is a master healer, and exceptionally skilled and intuitive. I was profoundly impressed as I both observed his shamanic healing interventions with other participants and experienced his interventions when I needed support.

Rogelio is a master chef, who created delicious vegan meals. He skillfully provided the appropriate food, according to what was needed before and after ceremonies.

The room was large, and very comfortable and clean. The venue was basic and beautiful, has two cenotes, a temascal, a beautiful chorus of bird song, and a loving and gentle dog.

The music was an amazing variety of soothing and triggering songs. Some songs were very soothing, and other songs triggered memories and emotional release.

I’m deeply grateful for the entire experience, everyone’s support, and the delicious meals. I’m grateful for the profound and intense releases that I experienced, and the subsequent clarity, learning, and growth.


“Viento, que viene de la selva”

Where do I even start? Attending this retreat was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. First of all, I appreciate Frédéric’s deep respect for his teachers within the indigenous cultures who have shared their wisdom with us and am inspired by the way he honors them. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and wise, he is also incredibly compassionate and a delight to converse with. He also always made sure that each person felt safe during the retreat, and created a beautiful space for the group to feel supported. During the retreat, I had the pleasure of witnessing a massive transformation in each participant, including myself. For the 11 days that I was there, I felt like I was home and that I had found a new family. In addition to the radical changes I felt from the healing benefits of the plant medicine, I could also feel my body responding to the delicious meals that were another form of medicine. The incredibly talented chef, Rogelio, channeled Love through his hands into each plant-based meal he prepared for the guests and contributed to the feeling of being supported throughout the deep personal growth we were all experiencing. Lastly, I want to acknowledge the sacredness of the land on which the retreat was held. Frédéric had clearly made a special bond with the space, with the spirits of the land, and with the people living on it, which all were components of the creation of a harmonious, healing experience for all who have the privilege of participating. All I have left to say is thank you. Thank you Grandfather Huachuma. Thank you Pachamama. Thank you Frédéric, Rogelio, and all of the beautiful beings in my new family. I love you all so much. ?

Maggie F.

Superb Reset Body, Mind & Spirit

After a year and a half of caretaker burn out for 4 family members plus COVID-19 impositions, this was my treat to myself. There is no all inclusive resort on the beach anywhere in the planet which could have restored me on every level more than this plant spirit medicine has done.

There are no words to describe the heights, the depths and the breatdth of awe, inspiration as nurturing that I received from this intensive experience.

Frederic holds a masterful space for deep personal growth & healing and creates a very safe & non-imposing space to travel into the multiple planes that plant medicine avails to both the individual and the collective.

Besides Frederic’s attentive guidance & support and the medicines themselves, the exquisite gourmet vegan food made by Rojelio and his staff with delectable love and the sacred, cozy grounds and the family like tribe that forms so naturally by design all contributed to create this rich tapestry that wove into my body, mind & heart magic, healing & profound gratitude.


Chezspri Fischer


Je tiens tout d’abord à remercier nos hôtes Flo et Emilie pour leur hospitalité . Merci également à tout le groupe pour votre énergie durant tout le weekend.Et un grand merci à toi Fred pour ta gentillesse et ta bienveillance , merci d’avoir su nous guider sur le chemin de l’éveil et de la guérison, ce weekend restera gravé dans mon coeur et mon esprit à tout jamais. tu as su mener les cérémonies parfaitement afin que chacun de nous puisse faire l’expérience des médecines sans aucune craintes. pour moi je sais que grand père San Pedro travaille toujours en moi et ma première rencontre avec le Bufo a été formidable.j’espère de tout coeur que je pourrais être présent pour la prochaine retraite que tu organisera dans la région, ou peut être sinon chez moi en Thaïlande comme ont en avait parlé.

Jean Pierre Ballot


This was a truly extraordinary experience; one of the most profound of my life. From the Huachuca plant medicine to the Mayan sweat ceremony it all fit to form a journey that felt like a lifetime in itself. The leadership and shamanism of Frederic was not only skilled and full of expertise, but compassionate and loving at the same time. The meals were expertly provided by Rogelio along with his engaging friendship. I would definitely come back again and enthusiastically recommend Spirit Rivers to anyone seeking a quality entheogenic retreat experience.


Huachuma Blessings

I have been practicing Shamanism for a few years now, with drum circles, moon ceremonies, Red Tents, shamanic journeying etc… on a regular basis. To further and deepen my learning and exploration of that belief system, I was called to engage with plant medicine: Ayahuasca a few years back and Huachuma in March 2021… which literarily feel on my path at the right time and the right place: just the way it should be.
First, the amenities were fabulous: the jungle compound is meticulously designed with beauty, craftsmanship, private cenotes, high comfort (beautiful huts and great beddings) and convenience (hot showers and strong internet).
Then the staff is fully committed and caring: Rogelio regaled us with his mastery of vegan cooking, consciously prepared with Mantras and Love, brewing healthy juices and offering his dishes according to our scheduled ceremonies and needs. The perfect detox and healing nourishment!
Frederic is a master of ceremonies, humble and personable, sharing his knowledge and wisdom, gathering our guides and Pachamama, guiding us safely into each journey with powerful and revealing insights helping us integrating our personal Initiations and revelations. Furthermore, Frederic taught us a few additional practices I am now using like the Earth Mandala.
As a woman, I was exceptionally imprinted and revealed during the Temazcal session, lead and invigorated by the powerful and playful Auli .
Finally, what to say about the Teacher plant itself? Everyone has their own journey: for me it was what exactly what I needed… not what I wanted 🙂 I particularly appreciated the combo and complementary Day and a Lunar sessions. Different focus, different intentions, different teachings.

Do not be afraid, Huachuma is a gentle and loving teacher, and hopefully when she calls, you’ll be ready for her blessings. Spirit Rivers and Frederic offer perfect surroundings, container and guidance for the experience.



Would recommend this retreat to anyone

I joined Frederic for three huachuma ceremonies recently and had an excellent experience. The spirit rivers team went above and beyond with food, accommodation and hospitality. Everything was fantastic.

I would recommend this retreat for anyone interested in shamanism or personal growth with a trustworthy facilitator.

Some things I particularly enjoyed was the food! I was worried about being vegan for a week but blown away with chefs ability to cook different delicious, nutritious, gluten free vegan meals every day with healthy snacks in between. Even when fasting there wasn’t one moment when I was hungry. Cheers Rojelio! The temezcal ceremony (on site) was the real deal and intense. And of course the Huachuma ceremonies. Frederic has such depth of knowledge that amplifies the retreat to another level. The medicine came on slow and strong. Frederic was quick to sense when one needs more medicine. Days following medicine is integration. I found this to be the most helpful part of the experience which ultimately taught me the lessons I needed.

A BIG thank you to all involved with the retreat!

Robert Clough

A Magical Healing Experience

The Portal To Awakening intensive Huachuma retreat was an incredible, life-changing, experience!

Having already worked with psilocybin mushrooms and Ayahuasca in the past, I was curious to see how this would compare. It turned out to be a gentler, more interactive experience which allowed the medicine to work with me as much as I allowed. By the end of the third ceremony, I had been gifted several profound insights which will remain with me for the rest of my life and which will absolutely improve the quality of my relationships.

From the moment I arrived at the retreat location, I immediately knew that I was in good hands. The grounds were spectacular; it was as if we had our own private jungle. Frédéric and all of the staff took fantastic care of us in every way possible. We feasted on the most delicious vegan food all week long thanks to our chef, Rogelio. Erick, the musician who played during the ceremonies, is incredibly talented and always provided the perfect accompaniment at just the right moments.

Most importantly, Frédéric’s knowledge and experience are simply out of this world. He has the heart of a true healer, and he brings all of this to bear as he works personally with each participant. I’m so grateful to him for putting together this incredible event and I hope to return to work with him again someday.

Finally, if you are on the fence between doing a 2-ceremony retreat or a 3-ceremony retreat (as I was), do yourself a huge favor and go for the third ceremony! You will not regret it!

Chris W.

Self care is how you get your power back.

I came to Frederic, wounded and broken. I lost my husband 5 months prior, and had no idea where to go from there. I am a registered nurse, my background is Western Medicine and it does not treat a broken spirit. The retreat venue is beautiful beyond words and I immediately felt safe and like family. Oh the food!! Delicious!! The ceremonies were amazing, I dug so deep into my subconscious and found trauma that I had completely forgotten about. Integration brought it all together. The other retreat goers were so welcoming and kind. We all left as family, all experiencing life-altering events. This medicine exceeded my expectations and put me on the path to healing. I cannot say enough good things about Frederic. He is authentic and wise. I watched him, watched him work so closely with each of us with passion and sincerity.
I am ready to celebrate the life of my husband and the gift of our time together. We all have wandered so far from nature and Mother Earth but she is always ready to welcome us back. I am immensely glad that I followed the call. I can’t wait for my next retreat!

Shannon N.


I had a great time at spirit rivers. The place itself is amazing and Frederic was a great facilitator. Overall a positive experience that im glad i done.

Shaun Byrne

Life changing

The food and experience was amazing.
Be prepared for the unexpected.
But it all has its purpose.
Frederic is an amazing person. And he does heal.

Edwin P.

The journey

It was an amazing experience, first of it in my entire life. I learnt how to love, not to judge & how to let things go. I had a glimpse of how humanity was meant to be. How time is just another tiny part in the equation

Everything about the event was great, food, shelter. To be frank, I didn’t see anything negative at the retreat. The only thing that I found as a blessing was during integration a few of us are still slightly confused about the required steps to take to return to innocence.

Lumi A.

Challenging and exactly what I needed!

I have done plant medicine in the past and this was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. The venue was beautiful, the rooms were very nice, and everything else about lodging was excellent! The food was amazing and I loved the self serving aspect of it because I could take as much or as little as I wanted. There was great variety too. The accommodations were very good and I always felt taken care of!  Frédéric was an amazing leader in this retreat and facilitated so much of my healing process by creating a safe space to heal, grow, and become a better me. I am so grateful! The ceremonies were very good and it was so easy to focus on connecting with myself and my intentions.

I did the no sugar or alcohol a week prior to the retreat as recommended but I think it should also be recommended to prepare drinking at least 2 liters (or whatever Frédéric recommends) per day to get hydrated and used to drinking that much. I hadn’t done that and got dehydrated really fast and felt slightly flu-ish for a day.  I loved the live music and instruments used! There where times toward the end of the ceremonies that I would wonder when the ceremony was over or how much time do I have to sit with this idea I was having and when there was music, that element seemed to go away and I could focus better so the more music the better!

Overall I had an amazing time and it has been a highlight of the journey I am on! I would highly recommend this retreat for people who are ready for a real change.

Payton F.

This little light of mine

Well, you know the rest…
A life-changing adventure. And I won’t ever be the same. Frédéric is a magical being sent from beyond to hold space while you do the work. When you need a push, he’s your challenger. When you need support, he’s your gentle teacher.
The environment is perfect for this sacred journey. Only 20 min from the airport but you feel entirely whisked away to a jungle oasis. It’s peaceful and beautiful.
Our chef was a delight, both in his craftsmanship and character. Our musician is a gift from the Great Beyond. Music is so critical to your work in this space and Eric nailed it.
The Temazcal (traditional sweat lodge) was an experience that exceeded all my expectations. I left feeling rejuvenated and ready for what lies ahead.


Heal from trauma or find answers to questions

I just returned home from the Aug 6-11 huachuma intensive and I have to say that it was the best plant medicine retreat I have been on so far. Everything from the retreat grounds, the wonderful vegetarian food, the people and the Temazcal made this experience a complete landscape for healing. The facilitators were such a perfect blend of clinical, traditional knowledge mixed with ancient, shamanic knowledge which made their ceremonies rich and full and joyous! They created such a safe and loving space for everyone to be themselves.

This was my first time working with huachuma and Ive discovered that this is my medicine. Huachuma connected me to my true spirt and I was able to disconnect from the noise in my head and make a deep connection with my body and soul in a way that I haven’t been able to with other medicines. I would say that huachuma is a powerful yet gentle medicine that allows you to be you… whether you want to heal from trauma or find answers to questions or to just be ever present in your body and enjoy and partake in the music and joy of the ceremony. The day ceremonies were my favorite because you were able to wander around in nature and swing in the hammocks or rest by the pool. I will definitely be back for another ceremony! Thank you!! Carla

Carla L, Houston

  World Class Experience with a World Class Facilitator

I just returned in early August from the retreat and words can’t describe how transformational this retreat was! The setting was perfect, simple yet very comfortable.

The chef was wonderful! The food was so fresh and such clean eating. Everything came together so well, I could feel how much intention and care the facilitators and chef had. If you want a life changing experience, you MUST attend one of these retreats. I have extensive experience with sacred plants and these were the best ceremonies I have ever had, hands down! I plan to return in December for another retreat. That’s how much healing I received and I can’t wait to get more!!!

Taj, Boulder

Worth every penny!

What can I say? This retreat, which I attended was life changing experiences! I made breakthroughs in one week that I’d been trying to accomplish in, let’s see, over 36 years! The Retreat was like heaven, and the perfect place for me to do my work. Beautiful serene surroundings, fantastic pool area, and the food!   And I am SO glad that I attended the “A Portal to Awakening Huachuma Intensive Retreat”! Frederic is a truly spiritual master at the art of conducting Huachuma ceremonies.  Frederic, is empathic, and knowledgeable, and conducts every aspect of the ceremony with a sort of quiet ‘power’ that I’m at a loss to explain. The combination of these two spiritual beings make for the perfect setting to work with this unique plant medicine! Needless to say, I’ll be coming back to work more and more with these wonderful people, and these healing plant medicines! AHO!

Michael L.

You will Never be the Same

This experience is absolutely life changing. The staff here is the best in the business, and it’s not even close. The layout, attention to detail, depth, and quality of the retreat is far superior to others I have heard about or looked into. The retreat center is amazing and the maloca is a sacred space and absolutely beautiful structure. Everything is provided when it is most needed and in the way that is most beneficial. Whether it’s meals, sound therapy, Temazcal, medicine, whatever.

The layout is perfect and the execution was perfect. They take you in as part of their family, and it’s a truly unique experience. You will make life long bonds here, make quantum leaps in healing, and leave with a new family and a clear purpose. You will also never be the same. That is all.

Ryan A, Seattle

Life changing Huachuma Retreat

The shaman, the healer and group as a whole were gifted and you won’t get any better. I would just tell anybody to stop at SpiritRivers reviews and just say YES like I did….it changed my life completely and opened the door to the journey of me completely integrating my true self and soul and it’s been a few months and I can truly say that I am even more happy, joyful and whole.

I was fortunate enough to do this huachuma retreat from April 2 -6, 2020 and it was deeply profound and life altering and the best thing I could ever have chosen as a gift for myself and integrating my soul. I cannot speak highly enough of Frederic, a healer who truly understand the Anglo programming and perspective that we come from and culture and really pushed us to integrate in a way that was long lasting….reaching far after the retreat. I am in the deepest gratitude to both teams and to Sharon who helped me see myself as the miracle I always was❤️ And AM!!!!

Madelyn P., Boulder

Most beautiful and life-changing experience

My experience with  Frederick has been incredible amazing. The ceremony is set up in the most beautiful jungle of Cancun in an open lodge with bonfire and pool, Which makes it very special as well the most delicious food and heavenly accommodation. Fredericks drumming is just magic in my ears and remembering gives me straight away goose bumps! He is holding beautiful space during ceremony, very helpful, guiding and liberating during processes.

I felt so grounded and trusting by their presence which allowed me to go deep. I remember waking up and magically seeing the world trough different eyes: The eyes of my heart, which I lost connection for so many years. Me, speechless and deeply grateful after ceremony, Sharon whispering in my ears: ,,Now you remember…” I believe, we’re all on our personal journey and this medicine helps you connect to the real essence of life and to finding yourself, to heal yourself and to transform, to enjoy the real gifts, love, joy and peace from within you. ♥️✨?

Even now, time after the retreat, integrating my experience into reality, I enjoy their powerful presence and help and particularly being part of a wonderful new family of plant medicine spirits!

Ramona Kl.

World Class Experience & Facilitator

I just returned in early August from the retreat and words can’t describe how transformational this retreat was! The setting was perfect, simple yet very comfortable. The chef was wonderful! The food was so fresh and such clean eating. Everything came together so well, I could feel how much intention and care the facilitator and chef had.
If you want a life changing experience, you MUST attend one of these retreats. I have extensive experience with sacred plants and these were the best ceremonies I have ever had, hands down! I plan to return in December for another retreat.

That’s how much healing I received and I can’t wait to get more!!!

Taj M H, New York

Powerful yet, gentle medicine

I just returned home from the Aug 6-11 huachuma intensive and I have to say that it was the best plant medicine retreat I have been on so far. Everything from the retreat grounds, the wonderful vegetarian food, the people and the Temazcal made this experience a complete landscape for healing.

Frédéric is such a perfect blend of clinical, traditional knowledge mixed with ancient, shamanic knowledge which made ceremonies rich and full and joyous! He created such a safe and loving space for everyone to be themselves. This was my first time working with huachuma and Ive discovered that this is my medicine. Huachuma connected me to my true spirt and I was able to disconnect from the noise in my head and make a deep connection with my body and soul in a way that I havent been able to with other medicines.

I would say that huachuma is a powerful yet gentle medicine that allows you to be you… whether you want to heal from trauma or find answers to questions or to just be ever present in your body and enjoy and partake in the music and joy of the ceremony. The day ceremonies were my favorite because you were able to wander around in nature and swing in the hammocks or rest by the pool. I will definitely be back for another ceremony! Thank you!! Carla

Carla L, Houston

Your Guide on the Journey
Frédéric Cherri, SpiritRivers Founder

A leader in the field of transformation and empowerment

Frédéric is a therapist, shamanic practitioner, teacher and a coach. He is also a reputed facilitator of international retreats & workshops in the field of deep transformation. A 25 yrs + clinical and teaching experience in various ancient and modern fields of healing, psychology, altered perception & alchemy has taken a turn towards accelerated healing practices belonging to ancient medicinal approaches. To support radical change in the world & to create inspired lives that matter is what he thrives for. His extensive study, training and research in the Cranial field of Osteopathy, shamanism and indigenous practices, Yoga, meditation and world spiritualities have led him to travel and work with various wisdom keepers, healers and pioneers in many fields of emerging consciousness.
His extensive study, training and research in the Cranial field of Osteopathy, shamanism and indigenous practices, Yoga, meditation and world spiritualities have led him to travel and work with various wisdom keepers, healers and pioneers in many fields of emerging consciousness.

Born in Africa, raised in the South of France, Frédéric now calls the-whole-world his home. His transition from a busy & successful corporate career, working in many different areas and fields of business, led him to build and run a thriving Natural Health Centre in New Zealand for over 20 years. He now spends most of his time living between Central & South America to study and research and Europe.
He is a father of two.

Our Venues

Our venues are selected to offer comfort, privacy and natural settings in the jungle areas around Cancun airport. We choose our venues depending on their availability which varies. They mostly offer AC in each room, twin or triple-share accomodation, delicious vegetarian/vegan meals.